Q: Where to buy The Osaki OS-4000T massage chair?

A: You can get it directly through the manufacture through this link.

Q: Can I make monthly payments?

A: Yes.

Q: How is the Osaki OS- 4000T massage chair shipped?

A: The OS-4000T is shipped in two (2) boxes – a big box that includes the base of the chair, the backrest, the foot ottoman, and the remote. The chair is also shipped with a separate, smaller box that includes the chair’s side panels.

Q: Is this a full body massage chair?

A: Yes, this is a full body massage chair.

Q: Is this a heated massage chair?

A: Yes,  Lumbar/Lower Back Heat Therapy: Lower back heat therapy provides relief to those suffering from lower back pain by increasing the oxygen flow to help heal damaged tissue. Heat therapy also forces your lower back to press more firmly against the backrest for a stronger and deeper massage.

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